If start-ups grow too fast, it can take the guts out of the culture, trip up its cause, and stymie success.

The key for any brand experiencing a meteoric rise to fame is that it remains unique, sustainable and profitable.

Trump Gate

What do you do when your’e attacked by Trump? Heres what I suggested on  i24 News (Skip video to 34:30)

Twitter: No Bump from Trump

leaderTwitter Inc.’s disappointing fourth quarter and confusing comments by its executives about increased usage further confirmed its user growth has stalled, putting the company at the center of takeover chatter again.


What’s your Brand of Justice?

screen-shot-2017-02-10-at-2-46-34-pmThe Word, The Sword The Arm of The Law…What a triumphant week for our justice system. From the travel ban to banning mega-mergers as a federal judge blocks the $54B tie-up between national insurers Anthem and Cigna, saying the combination would harm competition in the national employer market. Article.

What Will It Take To Boost BlackBerry? A Definition Beyond Function:

Leadership is about holding people’s fears and being able to turn the hard into the possible.

Buzzfeed: Companies Taking Sides on Trump

Corporate America rarely likes to take sides — but in Trump’s America, where millions of consumers are quite comfortable making their opinions known, the makers of products like deodorant, beer, cereal, and luxury automobiles are being pushed to get political.

Amidst all the political tension, are brands forced to choose a side? Buzzfeed ran an interesting perspective. You might disagree with my comment on Buzzfeed.
Any thoughts welcome!