Dean Crutchfield: In the Press IV

Dean Crutchfield insights on marketing and brands across the media and press, best Naming approach, effective naming strategies, Coke, WAMU, Washington Mutual, Myspace, Frank Sinatra, What’s hot in 2008, Starbucks,

Coke, Clydesdales score with the Super Bowl viewers

Suzanne Vranica, February 4th 2008, The Wall Street Journal

What’s in a name? A lot it turns out

Ruth Sherman, February 7th 2008, Fast Company

On the Internet, It’s all about my

David Browne, April 20th 2008, The New York Times

Going for the gold

Mitchell Peters, August 26th 2008, Billboard

What’s hot for 08?

Kamau High, January 4th 2008, Adweek

How to reenergize Starbucks

Matt Vella, February 20th 2008, Business Week

Sinatra still the chairman with hit album

Kamau High, May 23rd 2008, Reuters

Author: Dean Crutchfield

Builds Brands and Fixes Them When Broken

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