Marketing in a social sharing world. What’s your view?

Utmost on my mind is what are the best practices? Can approaches to crisis management tell us something about what is most effective? Is there a simple formula to a complex issue?

1. Craft advertising that works as content

We all know content is king. If it’s engaging folks will consume it. It’s no longer about repetition and consistency, but if they’re laughing or crying and not bored, they’ll not be put off by the obvious fact you’re there.

2. It’s all about the conversation

Brand building is a two way street. The more you can leverage social media it can become self propelled and once the customer joins the dialogue, Kaboom.

3. Ideas are cheap

Look for them. Don’t just rely on a humorless consortium of stewed coffee and curled sandwiches in airless work shop. Ideas are all around us, all the time and more often that not, you’re sitting on it.

4. A craftsmen never blames his tools

There are so many tools out there it’s frightening – use them.

5. In God we trust, everyone else bring data

Measure up ways, side ways and back ways, anyways you can. Even data that can’t be used today can be used effectively make your case tomorrow.

6. Create a crisis team for social media efforts

Faster than a speeding bullet – time is of the essence. There are too many examples of well intended and crafted responses from CEO’s that are just too late mate.

Author: Dean Crutchfield

Builds Brands and Fixes Them When Broken

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