With the phenomena of social sharing you never put a dollar a head of a fan – even though you might with customer. What’s your view?

A “fans first” philosophy guides the brands overall engagement strategy, which should focus on being a platform to connect with your customers, sparking a conversation not just a pure sales play.  This represents a move away from push advertising toward a model of listening and engaging where appropriate.

The dawn of “social sharing” is transforming the economics of marketing and has upended how consumers engage with brands to such a degree that established marketing structures and strategies some argue are obsolete. Yesterday, the funnel approach to focusing ‘paid media’ resources into building brand awareness and then desire at the point of purchase was a sound investment. Today requires a recalibration to where consumers are actively pursuing their time. Recent research by McKinsey & Co, has shown that consumers do not systematically hone down their choices, but take a more recursive and less reductive approach. In marketing, the customer journey has always been held in high regard, but the immediacy of social media and the reach of digital touchpoints make a powerful argument for reassessing the impetus of marketing and brand thinking with earned media.


Author: Dean Crutchfield

Builds Brands and Fixes Them When Broken

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