Becoming an American. My breast is clear and my heart is strong.

In my cold dead hand I would still be clenching this beautiful flag that I’ve envied, from afar the Atlantic sea. Entranced by legends of a country that has fueled the world with economy, imagination, entertainment and leadership, suddenly all came together in a brilliant moment opening a simple envelope: My US passport arrived.

When I opened the mailbox I knew, gazing at the pile, I could see it, there, just about an inch up. I didn’t want to touch it until I was upstairs with my family – my American family: a beautiful wife and daughter. What a feeling, you can only imagine, tearing open that USPS Priority Mail envelope and sliding onto to my palm an exquisite sight for saw eyes, a gleaming United States of America passport.

I arrived in Manhattan in 2000, too much has happened, nothing will be forgotten and there’s no need for me to labor on about it. In all this time I have pursued my dream of becoming an American citizen – lots of lawyers, many legal letters, J, K, L, H, O….tons of applications, but it was by falling hopelessly in love with a hard core New Yorker, my wife, Amy, that marriage beat the rest to the door.

Today is that day. While I read of what ails the world and witness the markets chaos crack our sides, and foreign media attempt to flank us to decide our fate – I RECEIVED MY US PASSPORT TODAY! and there is no country on this earth that could generate such a pleasure to be a part of. My breast is clear and my heart is strong (my 401K is not).

Author: Dean Crutchfield

Builds Brands and Fixes Them When Broken

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