Red Peak’s Industry Trends of the Week

By Natasha Chance, Creative Strategic Director of Red Peak

Happy Friday,

Here’s the latest and greatest of what’s going on out there in brandland.

Interact with virtual 3D objects. Check out the demo of Microsoft Research’s Holodesk:

Thin as glass panels coming to a TV near you in 10 years. Samsung’s LED technology turns windows into TVs.

Less material, better design; T-shaped transmission towers win the Pylon Design Competition.

An online museum dedicated to obsolete appliances, tools and gadgets, all experienced with humor and style through YouTube:

How do you create a brand experience without a tangible product? For fragrance manufacturer Firmenich, it is the world’s first pop-up scent museum. The Sensorium, in partnership with Sephora, explores emotions and instincts behind scent.

The Economist Film Project showcases the work of independent documentary filmmakers from around the world:

Red Bull are promoting their Music Academy World Tour 2011 using a combination of 2D, 3D, stop-motion, photography, illustration, and CG:

Intel’s anthropologist Genevieve Bell explains the secret life of data at the Web 2.0 Summit.

The London Tube map is one of the most iconic pieces of information graphic, however it’s minimal aesthetic means you don’t actually know where you physically are in the city. Attached is a PDF of a geographically-accurate representation of the underground system while still retaining some of the clarity of Beck’s original diagram. What a joy! See more interactive options here:

The All Blacks made it to the 2011 Rugby World Cup final, please send those courageous Kiwis all your good vibes to crush the French in the match tomorrow.

Natasha Chance
Creative Strategic Director

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New York, NY 10012
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