Bloomberg, toot this

The City that never sleeps – not according to Bloomberg’s country living plans for Manhattan. People should be at home and be tucked in bed by a (tax payers)  respectable time. I mean why did we move here? To get extra sleep of course – that needs silence – so let’s stop the incessant (free) tooting of horns that has made the city famous and charge them for it, starting with the new “Pope-like” cabs and their flashing light that indicates “it was me – I just tooted”.

Actually it should say “$350” because that’s what the driver will be soon getting from an eager cop. So please, just think about no horns in Manhattan. Think about it, or is the silence already distracting you. MANHATTAN with out the tooting of horns from our patient yellow cab drivers, none, just sirens all day and of course the odd toot from a civilian driver who wants to peep one in just to strike back. It will be truly missed from the cacophony that is Manhattan.

On the other hand, we should celebrate and meet the change with a gratuitous assertion about the new revenue stream that will generate whilst we’re being broken into silent submission. Millions of dollars will be netted and Bloomberg shall be reviled every toot we hear.


Author: Dean Crutchfield

Builds Brands and Fixes Them When Broken

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