Red Peak’s Industry Trends of the Week

Another gathering of refreshing pleasures from Natasha Chance at Red Peak Brand nchance

Hello out there,

We’ve got a lot for you this week because we have our finger on the pulse!


  • Bubbly! Welcome to the yellow lifestyle, Veuve Clicquot has re-opened their hotel. It beautifully fuses tradition with modernity by aligning every aesthetic decision back to the brand and its heritage:
  • Pepsi have kick started another great idea to refresh the world with sound. This one involves technology that enables you to ‘see’ with sound whilst playing football:


  • is focused exclusively on the user experience of banking, they even designed the app before the desktop browser version.
  • Exposure for new artists + helping kids in need. TOMS shoes has some new competition in BucketFeet:


  • Pantech unveils the first smartphone with a motion detection function that allows users to control it using hand gestures:
  • Now here’s a good use for QR codes. Postage stamps in Croatia are usee to track and confirm delivery of mail
  • Touch sensor technology could soon be added to everyday items from clothes to wires to tables by harnessing Time Domain Reflectometry, say what?
  • P&G takes a page from Tesco’s playbook and lets consumers shop with their phone in the subway in Prague:
  • Save the world from the zombie apocalypse and get a workout at the same time with this new augmented reality game

Author: Dean Crutchfield

Builds Brands and Fixes Them When Broken

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