Mellifluous words from a unknown Marine on their 236 birthday

Special words poetically saluting the USMC 236: Gorgeous.

"Being a Marine is a state of mind. It is an experience some have likened more to a calling than a profession. Being a Marine is not a job – not a paycheck; it is not an occupational specialty. It is not male or female, majority or minority; nor is it a rank insignia. Stars, bars, or chevrons are only indicators of the responsibility or authority we hold at a given time.

Rather, being a Marine comes from the eagle, globe, and anchor that is tattooed on the soul of every one of us who wears the Marine Corps uniform. It is a searing mark in our innermost being which comes after the rite of passage through boot camp or Officer Candidates School when a young man or woman is allowed for the first time to say, “I’m a United States Marine.”

And unlike physical or psychological scars, which, over time, tend to heal and fade in intensity, the eagle, globe, and anchor only grow more defined – more intense – the longer you are a Marine. ‘Once a Marine, always a Marine’."

Author: Dean Crutchfield

Builds Brands and Fixes Them When Broken

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