Gotta love these peeps, even after a big Turkey bash in the USA they keep rolling out gems. Happy Red Peak thoughts…..

Good morning,

OK, Thanksgiving is over and it’s now officially the countdown to Xmas, where does the time go? Here’s some more distraction for you…


  • Apparently Coca Cola’s wholesome red Santa had a sister at Playboy:
  • Fast-food authority McDonalds, has had a royale (without cheese) makeover in France:
  • Dieter Rams is a legend. His “less but better” approach to industrial design resulted in highly aesthetic and functional products. Please, go and see for yourselves:
  • Occuprint – a beautiful collection of posters for the Occupy Wall Street Movement:
  • An interface must be intuitive to be successful. Meet the woman at Apple who gave complex function a friendly facelift through her icon designs:


  • Honey Badger, Keyboard Cat & Planking… see these internet memes and more inspire our advertising:
  • When you’re feeling a bit flat sometimes you just need a hug, the nicest place on the internet is a guaranteed pick-me-up:


  • Ultimat Vodka analyzes and rates your social life turning it into an infographic:
  • Lululemon has carefully created cult-like status, but will championing Ayn Rand alienate fans?

Isn’t it a nice to start the week with a little bit of inspiration to get your motor running?

Natasha Chance
Creative Strategic Director

Author: Dean Crutchfield

Builds Brands and Fixes Them When Broken

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