How to save the Tiger et. al.

This is far too simple a solution to holt the extinction of wild life – and surely this must be happening already?

Gates and Buffet have the 21st Century wrapped when it comes to power, money, fame, and world respect (and memory) of CEOs and billionaires. Therefore, apart from the spectacular lifestyles, sponsoring philanthropy and the arts, the remaining 398 Forbes billionaires will be forgotten and/or will have nothing in comparison to the legacy that Gates and Buffet have secured themselves.

When you’ve reached the .001% there’s a way that you can be remembered forever. Animals. It’s like a modern day version of Noah’s Ark and for a similar cause. Could Larry Ellison donate $1bn and save the “Ellison” Tigers, or the Koch Lions. The list is enormous and affords the donor  (enforced in the sponsorship) incredible publicity and endearment for many years – if we can keep the animals from extinction – not the donor sadly.

Author: Dean Crutchfield

Builds Brands and Fixes Them When Broken

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