Twitter controls on usage is the devil

To tweet, pray tell, what should that espouse: freedom to pass and see all type of information freely, untethered to brand nor being. Just the freedom to ride the keyboard and tweet away. NOT. Or so it would seem. The elusive spontaneous self is not called on a whim, it often depends on where you are and who you know, Twitter. Is this making sense?

I Can’t Follow People – Follow Limit Twitter has imposed reasonable limits to help prevent systems and limit abuse

Doubt me if I’m a tad suspicious, but those words sound rather corporate to me. And with “me” being the important element, I’m starting to feel like I need an alternative to Twitter as it flitters away its essence of what made it great and revolutionary. Or is that why you have the limits to who I can follow. Come clean Twitter, you’re starting not to sound like Buzz Stone’s early day statements:

“It’s like we’re on a rocket ship that we were just painting and suddenly took off and we’re holding onto the ship with our finger nails. Could you stay in that position rather than don the all conquering crown and throne. Just a request. Off to tweet this now. Chirp.



Author: Dean Crutchfield

Builds Brands and Fixes Them When Broken

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