Those lovely people at Red Peak are at it again with a weekly round up of nuggets from brand-land…

Good afternoon/morning everyone!

It’s December, it’s winter proper and the silly season is upon us as we scramble to wrap up projects before the holidays and join the hoards pounding the pavements in true consumer joy.

Take a little time out for yourself to read the latest and greatest happenings in brand-land.


If you don’t like what you’re seeing online then spray it away with this ingenious little AXE SPRAY! bookmark tool:

Did someone say chocolate? Take a look at this website made of chocolate to promote Sagras new chocolate beer. Making of video here:


Samsung takes the piss out of the iphone and it’s users… and it works: The Samsung Galaxy S II looks good and is apparently a solid product:

Your flying ‘superpower’ wish has come to life with watch manufacturer, Breitling! Watch Swiss pilot Rossy, fly in formation with a pair of jets with a strap-on 6.5’ carbon-fiber wing:


The branding holy grail of the ‘emotional connection’ between consumer and product can often be tenuous but this new product achieves it with music. What is it?… a microwave:

Meet Little Printer. He sits in your home and creates a mini-newspaper of news, puzzles and notes from your friends:

Perfect for reading your fave sci-fi novel next to, this lamp uses electromagnets that enables the top half to levitate inches over the bottom half.


The art world is embracing pixel power as digital limited edition modern art is available for purchase on your smart device with s[edition]. Satisfy your inner art collector!


NYC expands underground. A new “Low Line” to rival the city’s High Line is set to be built on the lower east side in a former trolley terminal:


Single colour graphic design that is cute and clever; this is how it’s done. Watch the video for our new favourite brand, the superbly designed Menicon flat pack for contact lenses:

Here is an awesomely cute animated music video with excellent isometric, pace and colour detailing:


This week it comes from Marilyn Monroe who is currently enjoying more attention than usual thanks to the release of the film; “My week with Marilyn”:

“If I’d observed all the rules, I’d never have got anywhere” – MM

Author: Dean Crutchfield

Builds Brands and Fixes Them When Broken

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