It’s the final countdown and one can always rely on the quick witted chappette, Natasha Chance, at Red Peak to rustle up some last goodies. See you in the Mayan new year, 2012

Morning everyone,

It’s the final countdown (to the holidays) dah na na naaaah! (Follow this link to really get your work week going:

RPITOTW will be taking a hiatus next week because of the festive season so this is officially the last report for the year. Savour every word and let the rest of the week flow from here.


  • What are the kids listening to these days? Online music bible, ‘Pitchfork’ provides THE ultimate list of the top 100 tracks for 2011: It’s also available to listen to on Spotify:


  • This clean and modern new logo for HP, designed by Moving Brands, was doing the rounds online last week. Apparently it was all a little too soon as statements now claim “The ‘Progress mark’ logo is not the go-forward direction for HP”. ‘Tis a shame, we hope it’s not another GAP fiasco:


  • It’s all moving up a notch thanks to Microsoft. Information is getting easier to access on your smartphone with their updated, all-in-one, QR Code and Tag reader, that also has the ability to interact with NFC technology:


  • What does Gamification Nation and Convergence Emergence mean to you? Watch for these two trends and more in social media, 2012:


  • The new ‘it’ trend in hospitality is the mini hotel room which are popping up all over the world especially in airports. Is the squeeze worth your zzzzz’s?
  • Travel is the stuff of dreams, see some of the most amazing places to experience around the world here:


  • Red Bull have a new HQ in Amsterdam designed by Sid Lee Architecture. The space is designed to evoke an entrepreneurial spirit with freedom to develop innovative ideas and events and is very ‘Red Bull’:


  • Style is important and now it needn’t be sacrificed for safety when you’re on your bike. We-Flashy is here to save your two-wheeled aesthetic:

You gotta love this guy… “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Albert Einstein

Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. I’ll see with all bells ringing in 2012!

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