“Remote, Distant and Perfunctory” – The President?

That’s some tough love from the media as always, but interesting to note how strategically Obama is being placed above the bubbling cauldron of Congress and being seen ‘hanging out’ too much with a House that has an 11% approval rating. Is the case for the President to be seen as a leader, front foot forward, malcontent with the rabble of the House, but ever focused on the bigger issues of the country?

As we witness with the Republican race, vanity in a politician is like perfume marinating on a prostitute, it covers a dark stench. Whilst the vainglorious dog fight amidst the Republican contenders gathers its final days, Obama clearly is seeking some form of halo benefit. As Machiavelli pronounced, distribute good news yourself and bad news by others. Whilst he can’t shy away from daily TV news and the deluge of our daily strife, he can shy away from the calamity of the lower house and allow his would be competitors to set his stage. By allowing them to fight it out at his vanguard, Obama’s team can prepare to flank the middle class in a pincer movement that uses the ammo from the Republican race.

So ‘remote’ for me is deliberate distance from the unbreakable fray in Congress which makes him look weak, ‘distant’ is a deliberate strategy that places more pressure on the democratic infrastructure as well as the conclusion of the Republican race. As for perfunctory, well, I’ll give them that: President Obama could do with some heating up, but winter has been delayed.

Author: Dean Crutchfield

Builds Brands and Fixes Them When Broken

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