Is there any HP wonder?

Browsing online to acquire a charger for an HP when I came across a list aimed to provide assistance that also revealed to me the gaping wound in HP’s legacy: a most self indulged naming strategy (aka nomenclature to the trade). It’s certainly not solely aimed at the benefit of the consumer and reads like an engineering feast, therefore, it’s hard to love.

I know we all loved RD D2 – but typical when there is long innovation/development timelines without marketing involvement, engineers and those close to the project often (emotionally) hang onto to the original project code names and it can bare tremendous influence on the public outcome:

The Southern Railway steam locomotive series 26
The Southern Railway steam locomotive series 26 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DM Series

*For the HP DM Series, ignore the numbers after the dash. For example, DM1-1000 would be a part of the DM1 Series.

DM1- Series*
DM3- Series*
DM4- Series*

DV Series

*The Dash Series Includes -1000 to -9950. For example: DV5-1002US is different than DV5000

DV Non-Dash DV Dash (-)
DV1000 Series
DV2- Series*
DV2000 Series
DV3- Series*
DV2500 Series
DV4- and DV4t- Series*
DV2700 Series
DV5- Series*
DV3000 Series
DV6- Series*
DV4000 Series
DV7- Series*
DV4400 Series
DV8- Series*
DV5000 Series
DV6000 Series
DV6500 Series
DV6700 Series
DV6800 Series
DV7000 Series
DV8000 Series
DV8500 Series
DV8700 Series
DV9000 Series
DV9500 Series
DV9700 Series

DX Series

DX6000 Series (Includes all models from DX6000 to DX6599)
DX6600 Series (Includes all models from DX6600 to DX6999)

TX Series

*The Dash Series Includes -1000 to -9950. For example: TX2-1020US is different than TX2000

TX Non-Dash TX Dash (-)
TX1000 Series
TX2- Series*
TX2000 Series
TX2500 Series

ZD Series

ZD7000 (Includes all models from ZD7000 to ZD7999)
ZD8000 (Includes all models from ZD8000 to ZD8999)

ZE Series

ZE1000 (Includes all models from ZE1000 to ZE1999)
ZE2000 (Includes all models from ZE2000 to ZE2999)
ZE4000 (Includes all models from ZE4000 to ZE4899)
ZE4900 (Includes all models from ZE4900 to ZE4999)
ZE5000 (Includes all models from ZE5000 to ZE5999)

ZT Series

ZT1000 (Includes all models from ZT1000 to ZT1999)
ZT3000 (Includes all models from ZT3000 to ZT3999)

ZU Series

ZU1000 (Includes all models from ZU1000 to ZU1999)

ZV Series

ZV5000 (Includes all models from ZV5000 to ZV5999)
ZV6000 (Includes all models from ZV6000 to ZV6999)

ZX Series

ZX5000 (Includes all models from ZX5000 to ZX5999)

X Series

*The first two letters of the model number determine the series. For example, XF125 is part of the XF series.

XF Series*
XH Series*
XT Series*
XU Series*
XZ Series*

Author: Dean Crutchfield

Builds Brands and Fixes Them When Broken

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