Life’s a pitch so why make it one. Grimly I witnessed this morning…

…in the Pershing Square Diner at GCT – a fabled place that’s coveted millions of pitches – 2 professional ladies were ‘presenting’ to a clearly disengaged 3rdlady – the prospect. The meeting was killed as soon as the lady pulled up the PPT on the iPad.

Pershing Square Restaurant, NYC
Pershing Square Restaurant, NYC

Beware, most people use presentations as prompts for themselves – it’s laziness! You’re in a popular restaurant and the client’s sitting back to the wall, distracted, facing inward to the hustle and bustle that makes her feel more disconnected and uncomfortable!

Patrons, puh-leaze, pick your table (turn up early), know their business, suggest how you plan to discuss it, have 3 key points to make, assume the position of a practitioner rather than a performer, and engage in conversation. Neat sketches welcome.

Key point, why bait the prospect for the big reveal – presentations build buyer resistance while a conversation dismantles it.

Author: Dean Crutchfield

Builds Brands and Fixes Them When Broken

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