What Should Be On CMOs Minds?

Do you ever wonder what your CMO is thinking about? What issues and trends are keeping your marketing leader up at night? We know CMOs play a big, important role, leading the company’s efforts to boost revenues and profits. The job description is exciting but the top marketing job in the company is a minefield with the highest turnover in the C-suite where talented executives fail unless you look at the role in a broader context.

Apart from the obvious areas including marketing budgets, rising responsibilities, ever-growing capability needs and the move to digital, there are other areas to understand that are critical to success for the CMO:

  • The importance of establishing a passion early
  • Dealing with working in an “always” on era
  • Directing the story of the brand
  • How to learn from traveling the world
  • Enjoying family as a place for creativity at work
  • How to determine where people fit on a team
  • How to get your people to buy into a larger vision
  • How to inspire Millennials
  • How do you get your game on when a marketing campaign tanks.

The customer is changing, which in turn is driving changes to marketing itself, and to the role of the CMO. Hold on.


Author: Dean Crutchfield

In an award-winning career spanning two decades, Dean Crutchfield has created, built and re-invigorated some of the world's most iconic brands.