‘Marketing myopia’: Quibi’s flameout is a cautionary tale for advertisers keen to latch on to the next big thing in media

Quibi has been done to death but here’s my different take on Digiday: “advertisers are “clawing for anything that makes it viable” for the ad-supported TV and video model to continue, said Dean Crutchfield, CEO of marketing and growth consulting firm Crutchfield + Partners. Ultimately, advertisers who took the plunge on Quibi fell victim to a bad case of “marketing myopia”, Crutchfield said. “They were looking from the inside out and not the outside in — that was a major calamity for them,” added Crutchfield. “They made too many assumptions … they believed [Quibi] had permission to be in the market, where, actually, they didn’t have permission from users.”

Author: Dean Crutchfield

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