Unilever CEO wants brands with purpose or they’re out

Bloomberg News “As chief executive officer of Unilever, Paul Polman transformed the sprawling maker of Dove soap, Knorr stock cubes, Cif cleaning sprays, and Hellmann’s mayonnaise into a test bed for the idea that companies can benefit from affiliation with social causes, such as improved hygiene or better access to toilets. While investors and analysts were initially skeptical, Polman was ultimately lauded for redefining the corporation as something more benign than a purely profit-driven enterprise, even as margins edged up slightly from the midteens to almost 20% during his tenure. Now, Alan Jope, the Scotsman who succeeded Polman in January, is amping up the strategy. Article here.

Rebranding? Keep An Eye On These Eight Important Things

Great article from Forbes that sheds some useful insights on why and when to rebrand…

“Rebranding can be a good way to better reflect your company’s current focus and growth, but the process must be handled with the utmost care. Otherwise, you risk alienating your existing customers while failing to attract any new ones.

Gillette’s ‘toxic masculinity’ ad haunts P&G as shaving giant takes $8B writedown

Close shave or a deep cut. However you slice it that’s a lot of dough for the Best a Man Can Get according to the Washington Times.

Here’s a quote of a prediction I made when the campaign first ran.


Flags, Race, Liberty

Was pulling the sneaker the right thing to do? For some, it was a racist sneaker for others an icon of history. Did Nike do the right thing? Why did they get there in the first place? So many questions and so many media impressions. Here’s what I shared on CNBC Squawk Box.

How did Boeing’s CEO fair today with his much anticipated speech

…So how did Dennis Muillenberg, CEO of Boeing get on today? When times are tough you get tougher or do you get more empathetic. Something that Boeing has sorely missed these last few months facts or no facts.

To clear his rep Dennis needs to split the chairman/CEO role and attend a congressional hearing. This is what I shared with CNBC Squark Box. Here’s the segment.

Come fly with me…

Behind Instagram-friendly photos, an e-cigarette company collects valuable data

The exponential growth of the e-cigarette industry has led to a race among a variety of companies to gain market share and brand recognition. Here’s my POV with NBC News:

The messaging has worked. “It used to be sexy to smoke a cigarette. Now, it is cool and sexy to smoke an e-cigarette,” said Dean Crutchfield, founder and CEO of Crutchfield + Partners, a market growth and development consultancy. “It is a fascinating market for brand marketing because of the uniqueness of that category. And data is absolutely necessary.”
As the industry continues to grow, Crutchfield said the grab for consumer data is about finding a way to measure the “influence, reach and engagement of e-cigarette marketing…The companies are testing this on teens. It has huge and rapid appeal,” he said. “This is the guinea-pig generation.”

Here’s the full article.


For Amazon, It’s Not Too Early to be Talking About Its Next CEO – Barron’s

Dean Crutchfield, CEO of branding firm Crutchfield + Partners
The controversy isn’t likely to affect Bezos’ ability to lead the company, Crutchfield says, but it is increasingly becoming a burden.

Amazon posted another record quarterly profit last month, but its stock has declined 4% since Bezos announced on Jan. 9 that he and his wife, MacKenzie, would divorce after 25 years of marriage. (Amazon did offer a weaker-than-expected outlook in the earnings report.)

“He has put them in a difficult spot,” Crutchfield says of Bezos’ decision to send intimate details via text. “He came out of the gate with the right strategy, fighting this. But the longer this continues, the more it becomes an uncontrollable event. There is nothing worse for a CEO to face.”