Dunkin’ Donuts considers rebranding as Dunkin’ only



Is half enough? The Incredibly Shrinking Sears

Sears is half the retailer it used to be — literally.

The merchant announced yet another round of store closings, which will leave it with about 1,500 Sears and Kmart locations once those units go dark in June, confirmed a company spokesperson. That stands in stark contrast to its heft a decade ago, when Sears Holdings boasted approximately 3,400 stores. Read more.

Uber’s Travis Kalanick sued for fraud

Benchmark Capital, which owns 13% of the ride-sharing firm, has accused Mr Kalanick of fraudulently attempting to fill board seats with loyal allies. Read more.

Sky’s the limit…

Approval of 21st Century Fox’s proposed takeover of Sky is likely to come in the first half of 2018, the company said on Wednesday, in a sign it is gearing up for wider review of the merger.

Drink this. Brewing company cashes in on ‘Summer of Hell’

Brilliant marketing strategy 

Ramp up

Strategies for Marketing Innovation from Marketing Executives at P&G and Coca-Cola Turned VC https://buff.ly/2uvDkLb
There’s a fascinating chapter in the annals of marketing history about Coca-Cola and the Diet Coke and Mentos phenomenon that took the Internet by storm in 2006.


The leaders at Coke saw this phenomenon as a crisis that threatened to make their product appear unsafe and derail their carefully constructed brand image. But Tim Kopp, the brand marketer in charge of handling the company’s response, saw it as an opportunity.

On the chopping block. Where does it end for Staples ?

Staples has reportedly been in talks to have its retail business spun off to rival Office Depot. Read more.