Enduring Rock Bands Share Traits For Brands

As Ben Ratliff journalist for the New York Times revealed today, bands like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and the Beach Boys stood for an idea beyond their success. The same is true for enduring brands. They stand for something that resonates because they’re radically different from what’s expected with unique values, millions love, share and sustain.

How can that be tapped by brands and what’s the most essential element in this saturated world?

  • Be different to what’s been done as Timberland demonstrated
  • Be principled like Disney, but not too uptight
  • Be heroic with a validated opinion that charts a new course for business e.g., Nike
  • Be known for being remarkable as is Apple
  • Be followed like Coke
  • Be sustainable and fresh like Patagonia
  • Be a challenger of the rule like you.

Breaking the frame is the common thread that generates shareability. We needn’t be surprised nor challenged by it, especially when one considers their own ‘rock n roll’ lifestream.

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