Facebook needs to ‘Face’ the reality of it’s ‘Book’ of business


Zuckerberg rightly said yesterday “The best type of advertising is a message from a friend” but in light of FB’s stock decline, the message from his friend (CFO Ebersman) stating that “the important thing for us is to stay focused that we’re the same company now as we were before” is down right wrong and dangerous.

Facebook was a privately held sexy, social media start up with a web site that captured the hearts and keyboards of millions: Different, heroic, with principles that made tem known for being remarkable and fresh, joined by millions for being a challenger of the rule and above all, shareable. Today it is a massive ‘transparent’ public company, that misfired with an advertising platform that’s not delivering results and subscriber usage in decline partly due to the rapacious increase in smartphone usage likely to reduce its revenues even more. Like it’s namesake, Facebook, this entirely different company now needs to ‘face’ the reality of it’s ‘book’ of business.


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