Dean Crutchfield: In the Press III

Dean Crutchfield insights on marketing and brands across a variety of media and press, Microsoft, Visa, GM, Coke, Pepsi, American Airlines, Olympics,

Are the Olympics worth it?
Sophia Banay, April 11th 2008, Portfolio

Beverage Bigs Battle Bottle backlash

Kenneth Hein, February 17th 2008, Brand Week

Tailspin gets a new meaning

Michael Bush, April 14th 2008, Advertising Age

Sinatra still the chairman with hit album

Kamau High, August 14th 2008, Billboard

At 100 GM looks ahead to better days

Steve Miller, August 21st 2008, Brand Week

Critics say Gates-Seinfeld duo no laughing matter

Suzanne Vranica, September 8th 2008, Wall Street Journal

Visa dangles $600 Million for Holding Co. That can help it regain identity

Rupal Parekh, September 8th 2008, Advertising Age

Microsoft’s new ad creates PR possibilities

Aarti Shah, September 10th 2008, PR Week

Dean Crutchfield: In the Press V

Dean Crutchfield insights on marketing and brands across the media and press, Oscars, Starbucks, Superbowl, Bank of America, Tesco, Chris Bosh, Pepsi,

Pepsi sign to get a lot more pop

John Lauinger, November 3rd 2008, Daily News

Tesco’s fresh and easy: are magic numbers ahead
Kevin Coupe, February 22nd 2008,

Athletes’ new game: their own web ads

Adam Thompson, January 17th 2008, The Wall Street Journal

Bank of America’s brand power

Holly Sanders, January 14th 2008, New York Post

Philosophy for sale

Jessica Johnson, April 5th 2008, Globe and

Celeb overkill saps commercial appeal

David Li, February 4th 2008, New York Post

How to reenergize Starbucks

Matt Vella, February 7th 2008, Business Week

Oscars Special: 30 sec. Chick flicks

Holly Sanders, February 2008, New York Post

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